Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blogging: important aspects to reflect upon

Will Richardson posted a blogging scale to determine how students and teachers are using blogs (here is the original posting). Scale:
  • Posting assignments. (Not blogging)
  • Journaling, i.e. “This is what I did today.” (Not blogging)
  • Posting links (Not blogging)
  • Links with descriptive annotation, i.e. “This site is about…” (Not really blogging either, but getting close depending on the depth of the description.)
  • Links with analysis that gets into the meaning of the content being linked. (A simple form of blogging.)
  • Reflective, meta-cognitive writing on practice without links. (Complex writing, but simple blogging, I think. Commenting would probably fall in here somewhere.)
  • Links with analysis and synthesis that articulates a deeper understanding or relationship to the content being linked and written with potential audience response in mind. (Real blogging)
  • Extended analysis and synthesis over a longer period of time that builds on previous posts, links and comments. (Complex blogging)
Where in the scale do I place my students?
I believe that they are closer to Real Blogging as they are articulating their personal understanding on a specific topic and they are paying attention to their audience (their peers, me, outside of school viewers).

Although my original intention for the Digital Portfolio project is for students to reflect on their own learning through a series of structured assignments, I would like to shift my focus and challenge the students to write on a regular basis. I would love to see their writing continuously reflecting and extending their knowledge beyond what is covered in the classroom.

Our challenge? Move to Complex blogging!


sskillern said...

Thank you for posting this! I plan on implementing blogs for my next trimester. This gives me something to think about.

Emma Heaps said...

This post made me wonder where I as a teacher fall on this scale. I have a classroom blog and some of my posts may be "real blogging" but some are just links without much description. This post challenges me personally to move into real and complex blogging!

csavage said...

I would echo what Emma said. I will think more about my blog psot and make sure I am engaged in real blogging. Only Impediment for seems to be time. To write all of the things I really want to say I would need to be able to type while showering or driving as this is when I do my best thinking.

csavage said...

BTW your virtual cat is freaking me out. It won't stop staring at me!

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